Welcome to Secondary

Welcome To Secondary


It is with great excitement that I welcome you to Westwood International School (WIS). We invite you to read through our newly designed website, stop by for a visit or a campus tour, or send us an email if you have any questions or would like to know more about the Secondary IBMYP and IBDP experience at WIS. It is our hope that our new website will provide you with a glimpse into the life of a student at WIS and all the opportunities we have to offer you and your family should you be seeking a dynamic international school experience in Gaborone!

The IBMYP and DP Programmes are challenging, but the journey is one that teaches students much more than just the subjects that they study. In a safe and nurturing environment, our students learn about themselves, how to manage time, how to juggle competing priorities, how to face challenges head on, how to collaborative with others, and how to persevere to find success. We are an inclusive school that seeks to challenge each student each day. It is our hope that our students also learn that through effort, hard work, and with a focus on their learning goals, they are able to deal with the challenges that come their way in school. It is also our hope that each of our graduates take this belief with them beyond Secondary School as they pursue further studies and in their life beyond school.

Our mission is to provide a quality international education that enables students to meet future challenges as confident, socially responsible, life-long learners.

WIS provides a balanced programme with a focus on the Arts, Sports, Service and creating and supporting a Sustainable Future. We have a strong focus on Service Learning which is being developed through our by-monthly Service Learning Secondary School Initiative. Through our Recycling Programme, active approach to last year’s Energy Audit, and our annual Climate March, we are developing responsible leaders for the future. We have a wide variety of sports teams, an extensive extra-curricular programme, as well as sports victories, musical and theatre productions, and an outstanding IBDP Art Exhibition each year!

Our Secondary School teachers are committed to learning, developing the passions and talents of each student, and to their love of the subjects they teach. Our teachers seek to bring wonder and curiosity to our students through an inquiry model of teaching and learning. Westwood is a fully accredited International school, accredited by the International Baccalaurate (IB), the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). It is through the accreditation process that our teachers engage in deep reflection with a true commitment to teaching and learning and to continuous improvement.

We hope that you will join us and we look forward to welcoming you to WIS!


Heidi Cavanagh

Secondary Principal