Student Support

Student Support Services


WIS has an obligation to ensure that students admitted to the school are able to access and benefit from the programmes offered.  As such, the school is committed to providing a range of student support services to enable all students to engage in the school’s programmes to the fullest extent.  In line with its Admissions Policy, the school maintains student support services programmes that can support students requiring mild to moderate levels of additional support.  The school does not have resource to provide additional support to students with significant or severe learning difficulties or special needs.

WIS Student Support Services are supported by a philosophy that appreciates and celebrates diversity, allowing learners to be valued for their individual achievements and progress, while recognising that the benchmarks for success may differ. Services are provided in a way that places the learner at the heart of the learning process, that encourage learner self-advocacy; and that actively work toward increasing levels of student competence, independence and success.

Learning Support:

Specialists in this area provide support to assist students with mild/moderate learning difficulties to successfully access the curriculum within the classroom.  This is achieved through collaborative planning and support for class and subject teachers, to enable them to meet differing student needs through differentiation, flexible approaches, modified outcomes and/or additional resources, as appropriate.  .   Support is also offered to students who are assessed as being exceptionally able and who need extension and further challenge.  Parents are involved in discussions around their children’s specific learning needs and advised regarding strategies for home support.  The Learning Support Team also work closely with a network of specialists/therapists within the community, in instances where students require specialised therapies or further support.

Counselling & Pastoral Care:

The school provides a comprehensive counselling service catering for students’ emotional, social, behavioural, educational, and career guidance needs.  There is a school-wide focus on social and emotional learning (SEL).  Social and emotional learning promotes the development of knowledge, attitudes and skills related to personal, physical and social well-being and promotes self-esteem, resilience and reflection.  All students in the primary years have SEL lessons within their schedules. Students in the Middle Years receive pastoral support in small groups of 10 to 12 students with an Advisor, whom the group will meet several times each week.  Middle and High School students also have Student Support lessons within their timetables. Activities in Student Advisory and Student Support lessons promote the development of positive learning habits and skills and the development of social and emotional competencies.

ESL Support:

Students admitted to WIS should have reasonable expectation to have the language skills needed to successfully graduate from the school once they reach the final years.  The school provides additional English Language support for students admitted to the school who are identified as needing this support. ESL specialists provide both in-class and small group withdrawal support, as appropriate.  The ESL teacher/s works closely with class teachers to ensure that support provided is relevant and directed towards helping ESL students to access the curriculum within the classroom.

Health Support:

The school employs a full-time Registered Nurse to provide first aid and emergency treatment for students who become ill or who are injured during the course of the school day.  The school engages paramedical services in the event of any serious illness or injury.  In the event that the School Nurse is absent from school, the school engages a fully registered Agency Nurse to provide cover.  The school has a designated, modern First Aid Clinic with an adjoining bathroom and Sick Bay , close to the front of the school, allowing easy access for parents or paramedical services.