Westwood International School (WIS) is developing a strong and successful arts programme. From music to visual and performing arts, the students have the opportunity to ability to explore their talents on the stage and find their balance through artistic pursuits. With highly qualified and dedicated artists and musicians as teachers, the students are able to develop their skill and passion, and express themselves as confident and competent artists. WIS values the Arts and provides opportunities in the curricuum as well as in the after school programme, assemblies and preformances and productions throughout the year.


Our music programme is practical and creative. Students in all grades are encouraged to develop their own individual skills and interests in music, as well as expand their broad base of expertise and musical knowledge. The curriculum focuses on performing, composing and listening skills. Our students also learn to appreciate music through a variety of cultures.

Visual Arts

Our visual arts programme seeks to bring each child’s artistic side to life. Our focus on visual arts begins in Year 9 and extends to the full IBDP through Higher Level studies. Students explore a variety of artistic mediums, artists, and the relation between personal culture and the arts. Our student’s work is showcased at the highest level throught the yearly IBDP Arts Exhibition.

Theatre Arts

Drama is recognized as a subject that benefits the learning and development of children. Through the study of theatre arts and through performance, students gain confidence and valuable skills on the stage. Yearly productions showcase the theatrical and musical talents of our students and bring arts to our community.

Secondary Assemblies

Secondary students take to the stage every other week in an Assembly that seeks to showcase talents and celebrate our students. The Assemblies are lead by a team of students and are 55 minutes in length every other week. Parents are welcome to join.

The Arts Block

While Music and Theatre Arts are a mainstay of our curriculum offering at WIS, the Arts Block is a feature of the time table that encourages performance, teamwork, and creativity. During Arts Block time, larger groups of students are brought together with a group of teachers to help students develop their performance skills and prepare students to take the stage.